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About Software Platform (IIDS)

‘Interactive Information Dissemination System (IIDS)’ is an integrated model largely integration of Toll free IVRS, Smart Phone Application and Interactive Portal. IIDS is a pull and push based system where agriculture related information can be pulled by the farmers using the mobile phones. Currently IIDS version works on Desktop/Laptop for various types of users.

The current deployment model is a regionally centralized approach, the experts / scientists sits in remote locations (in their KVKs/ Research Stations/ Colleges). The calls from the farmers are received at the centralized server (DIC Mumbai) and the calls are routed to the relevant expert on their Mobile Phone / Desktop and the data of the farmer would be popped-up in the laptop / desktop (if the expert is logged-in). In turn, the expert is able to understand the farmer / field problem in a better way (KYF – Know Your Farmer) and facilitate in providing appropriate solution to the farmer in a personalized manner. The agri expert can access the knowledge database of information available / linked with the system only in case, if they are in front of the system.

Customization of IIDS Application to Suit the Requirement in Different Livestock & Fishery Domain:

The IIDS needs to be enhancement to cater the needs of farmers e.g. the history of each farm, animal or fish ponds are essential to provide the better treatment of the farm / animal / fishes which are suffering from any diseases. The history contains the basic information about the farm, animal and fish ponds.

Record keeping of major livestock farms and fish pond are essential for better farm management. A protocol needs to be developed to register the animal (Pig, Dog and Cattle) and fish ponds etc to maintain a record book for each farm / animal / fish pond. A limited field testing would be done to test the efficacy and challenges.